Kitchen Addition & Remodel for Don & Diane Biggie

To expand our kitchen, it was necessary to push out a bearing wall, which we assumed would necessitate supports in the middle of my kitchen.  However, Roy came up with a great idea - run a beam the length of the kitchen parallel to where the bearing wall used to be! He was able to do his magic in determining the size necessary to support the structure, and as a result, we have a kitchen that is wide open with a feeling of spaciousness!

I am 5-'2", and most counters are a little too high for me, so Roy said, "...we can't do anything about how close you are built to the ground, but we can do something about the counter height - we'll lower some of the counter area 2"!

Having had four back surgeries over the years, bending over to get into cabinets is difficult, and Roy designed the whole kitchen with pull-out drawers instead of doors. What a back 

saver that is! Working with Roy Parker was an absolute pleasure, and his patience and attention to detail was really 

great. And the way he coordinated with our contractor made the whole job flow very smoothly. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional!

Diane Biggie

(530) 768-4509

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