Who We Are

My architectural career began in 1962 when, after completing my schooling in Southern California, I moved to Northern California to work with a local architectural firm. For the next ten years I worked on new custom residences, additions to and remodeling of existing residences, new banks, department stores, restaurants, offices, schools, and commercial structures of all types.

In 1972 I started my own design and drafting service with two employees. This was successful but not enough for me. My successful ventures didn’t go unnoticed: In 1975 I moved into the managerial position with a structural and civil engineering firm. This position entailed lead design and supervision of architectural services. Soon after accomplishing the reorganization of this office, and always seeking to expand my horizons, I proposed and was given the responsibility of establishing a branch office in Redding, California. In 1979, following the offer of a position with a large development firm in Redding, management of this office was turned over to a civil engineer within the firm.

My new position encompassed designing the extension of a mall including the remodeling of several large commercial buildings and satellite company offices. Upon completing those projects, I moved on to become involved, with an architectural firm, designing and implementing Indian housing, including the construction documents and construction supervision of a gymnasium on an Indian reservation. In 1983, I moved on to work with another architect specializing in custom estates, resorts, clubs, and medical offices.

In 1984 I decided to become a licensed architect. This entailed studying to pass the Architectural Certification for the State of California. Having accomplished that hurdle, in 1987 we moved to Southern Oregon where I designed custom homes, including the design and building of custom log homes. This lasted a short 3 years when, in 1990, the real estate market in Southern California, took a dive and my clients, being mostly retirees from there, could not sell their homes. Henceforth, their dream of building log homes in Oregon was quashed.

The adventure continued in 1995 when, having friends in northeastern Washington, we moved on to purchased and remodeled a home in the mountains referred to as Onion Creek. While here there were more custom homes, including log homes, additions for historical residences, and commercial buildings, churches, etc.

In the Spring of 2001 Vickie, my lovely bride of then 19 years, surprised me with the proposal to move to Nassau, Bahamas. So, you guessed it, we flew there and spent a few days checking it out. Encouraged, we returned in a month. She went to work with a dental office to establish a hygiene department, while I was employed to work with a local architect.

My architectural work entailed banks, but mostly residential. Work permits are good for a year, and very expensive. So, after a year we decided it was time to go. We had a marvelous time getting to know the local people and visiting a few of the many islands in the Bahamas. In the Spring of 2002 we returned to Redding, after a 15-year absence. And here we’ve stayed . . . enough of this venturesome stuff!   We have established our roots here. Vickie is now a marriage and family therapist with her own practice and well, I am still hammering out designs.

If you are considering building a new home, or other form of building, or remodeling or adding onto your existing building, please consider contacting us.

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